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Christmas is a holiday that many children and adults look forward to. Maybe it's for the good food, Donald Duck or all the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. But it is also this period when we are once again starting to get longer days. The sun sets a few seconds later for each day that passes. Spring feelings will be stealthy and the shops will be filled with bright colors, and the latest trends in spring. You get a longer glimpse of the day and the wardrobe consists more and more of lovely spring colors.

It can feel incredibly disgusting to hang on a reflector on the jacket or to wear a reflective vest over the newly purchased spring clothes. It can also feel like the days are getting bright and the road users should see you at dusk.


What are reflectors?

Reflections can consist of many types of colors and shapes. There are reflective vests in different sizes, reflective animals in hard plastic and flashing LED lights that make you look in the dark. Reflectors can also be used in the form of reflective clothing, these clothes are sewn in reflective material.

It is important to choose reflectors with care.


Why use reflectors?

No matter where you are, in the countryside or in the city, it is difficult to detect if it is dark. We need to wear reflectors every day and all year round. On the other side of the globe, in warmer countries, reflectors are needed to be seen.

In traffic there are many accidents involving pedestrians who are hit. One of the reasons for this is because pedestrians do not have reflections on them and thus, are not visible in traffic. It is only at a few meters distance that motorists perceive a walking person. It may be too late to slow down the motorist. With a good reflector you can see over 100 meters away if the motorist has the dipped beam on, which gives the driver more time to slow in.

Parents are adept at providing their children with reflections in different colors and shapes. It is equally important for adults to wear reflectors to increase their visibility in traffic.


When to use reflectors?

It is important to choose the right reflector for the right application. When running, cycling or any other type of exercise, it is important to have clothes and reflectors that are designed for the activity. For example, when running on small roads or roads that are not illuminated, it is important to have both reflections visible from the front and from the rear. In the same way, it is important to be seen from the front, and from the rear if you run near traffic.

In other types of activities, there are more opportunities to be seen in the dark with the help of reflectors. For example, when resting a dog, both the dog and the owner can wear reflections in different designs, colors and sizes. The dog can have reflective blankets, flashing dog collars and a leash in a reflective material. The owner can wear a vest in reflective material and a flashing LED light. A reflective band can be used on both the driver and the dog as it has endless uses!


Choosing visible reflectors?

It is important to choose the right type of reflector. The ability of reflectors to reflect the light can be measured in a CIL value, a measure of high reflectance. The higher the value of the scale, the better the reflector can be seen from a long distance.

Another method of measuring the reflector's ability to reflect the light is albedo. Albedo is a measure given in the proportion of radiation reflected by the illuminated surface. 0 albedo means that no light is reflected, while 1 albedo means that all light is reflected back to the source of the light beam.

There are other factors that determine how effective the reflector is and the actual reflector effect. It includes, for example, how dark it is in the environment in which the reflector is located.


Can a reflector get old?

Reflections can become worn or scratched but visibility does not deteriorate over the years. The reflector's ability to reflect the light can be impaired if the reflector is scratched or dirty. Avoid overheating, for example, by standing in the sun for a long time.


Wash reflectors?

Reflectors can get dirty when used daily. It is possible to wipe reflectors with a damp cloth.


Reflective tassel Deluxe

The reflective tassel is a trendy fashion accessory to hang on your bag or use as a part of your daily outfit. Gucci is a fashion house that has snapped up the cool fashion, and it comes back on many bag models in their range. Unfortunately, Gucci's tassels do not fulfill the reflective function needed to appear in the city. Other major fashion houses such as Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurant, Chloé and the Row have also chosen to decorate handbags with charming tassels and other types of accessories. We at Herbertine have been inspired by these brands and focus on developing and selling stylish reflectors designed for the fashion conscious.


Reflective tassel DIY

It is trendy to create their own creations, or put their own touch on an existing product. It goes without saying that you can do a reflecive fabric DIY! Start by finding a carabiner that you think is a good size. It is easiest if the carabiner is metal, but other materials such as plastic or wood work well. The most attractive is the carabiner if it matches the metal parts of the bag, a color in gold or silver is the easiest to match. It is also possible to spray paint or paint the hook by hand with metal paint or paint that fits the material on the carabiner hook you have chosen.

 Then find a material to turn your reflective fabric off. It can be, for example, an old reflector harness or reflective vest. The material can be made of polyester and PU leather, which is a vegan alternative to leather, also called artificial leather. Cut a long strip of reflective material, the longer the better! Then cut fringe on one long side of the strip. Then roll up the strip and fasten with the carabiner.


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