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Reflective hats

Being seen in the dark is incredibly important. Both for your safety and for motorists or other road users around you. A reflex or two can save lives, and it is especially important during the dark winter months here in the Nordics.

However, many reflections are boring, and they can easily ruin a nice outfit. But what if you could instead wear stylish reflectors, which also warm you at the same time? Like a warm reflective adult hat! Here we have collected our stylish reflective hats that both look really good and keep you warm and safe in the dark.

The hat's primary function is to warm the head when it's cold outside. It is important to keep the body warm in order not to catch a cold. Hats can be made in many different materials and fulfill more functions than warming the bud.

The hat can, for example, be made of a material that breathes and is therefore suitable for running or other active activities. Hats can also be made of wool and be more warming for the ears and scalp. Hats can be lined with, for example, a fleece material to contribute to increased comfort.

Reflective hat is a nice and discreet reflective accessory that both warms and makes you visible in the autumn darkness. Our reflective hat makes you more visible in the dark.

Hats with reflective material are a splendid example of a durable and smart reflex. Our hat is 80% wool and 20% acrylic. This means that the hat is very soft despite the reflective thread that is knitted into the hat's pattern.

A fleece lining warms the bud a little extra. A fleece hat is in itself very comfortable and warming. Choose a fleece-lined hat and give yourself the best possible start on the cold winter day. We want people to create an active life for themselves, but don't forget the hat!

A training cap or a running cap for women and men can keep your head warm during active days.

Where then is it that makes the cap smart? Well, that's because it works both as a nice gray hat in daylight. In the dark, the cap's reflective yarn lights up in the dark and makes you visible in traffic. After all, the hat is a smart reflex that is both visible and warm!

See more information about our reflective cap with reflective thread.

We also have some other warming and visible reflective clothing such as scarves and gloves. Take a look at our webshop and find your favourites. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news, or read more on our other blogs.

Reflective hat children

Our hats in reflective yarn are also suitable for children. They are available in several different sizes that are perfect for both men and women. With this stylish hat you can feel warm and comfortable. The reflection is visible, and then you are also visible.

A merino wool hat for children can be nice and warm, while a wool hat for children can be itchy. It is important to choose the right kind of model for the little life. A thin children's hat can simplify an active and fun life. Our beanie with fleece lining for children and adults an opportunity to both stay warm and be seen in the dark.

We have a carefully selected range of products that we designed and quality assured ourselves. With a lined hat for children, you can enjoy your free time at low prices. It is important to offer a wide and carefully selected selection of fleece-lined hats for children.

Men's reflective hat

We try to offer reflexes that are also suitable for men. When you use our reflective hats, you make a big difference in traffic. With a reflective and knitted hat that is visible in the dark, you are kitted up for winter.

A thin cap for adults can be great to wear, for example, under a bicycle helmet. We want to offer active and handy people a wide range of merino wool hats for women and men. A women's wool hat works just as well for a man, as long as the size is correct. When you can see better, the risk of traffic accidents decreases.

Do you have a hard time choosing a hat for a boy or a girl? there are reflective hats at Christmas for the handy and reflective hats at Stadium for the sporty. Back had reflective hats but that brand no longer exists, smile also has reflective hats. Regardless of whether you are looking for a hat in wool or another material, it is important to look around the various e-shops.

Our cap with reflex for women, children and men has free shipping on all orders over SEK 500.

common questions

What reflexes should I have?

Reflectors with the greatest effect are reflectors worn at waist height, as it is at this height that the car's headlights are located. . This makes it easier for drivers to spot you in good time. However, a reflex is better than no reflexes at all!

What is a good reflex?

The reflector must have very good reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the greater the chance that motorists will see you in the long term. A really good reflector can light up at a distance of about 125 meters.

How do I best take care of my reflective clothing?

Follow the reflectors' washing instructions and replace reflectors when the reflectivity has decreased.