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Reflective ribbons and belts

Finding stylish reflectors for adults can be challenging. At Herbertine, we've designed a reflective band with multiple uses!

Wearing a band around your leg can be a great way to be seen in the dark. You can also tie a reflective band around your arm. Just like that, you have a reflective band for your arm! Tie it in a bow on your bag, backpack, or stroller.
This stylish reflector can be styled however you want!

Buy a 3m reflective band to be more visible

Purchasing reflectors can be difficult. There are many different types to choose from. 3m diamond grade is a rating for reflective materials. 3m is considered one of the safest and best reflective materials on the market.

Our bands are made of 3m scotchlite. This material can be as effective as a flashing light. Lights are visible in the dark, and so should you be. It's important to wear one or two reflectors.

The key is to be "smart in the dark" by wearing smart and stylish reflectors.

Another rating is measured in Lumens. The higher the Lumen number, the better the material reflects light. However, not all products have a Lumen value. The reason for this is that it can be difficult for consumers to understand whether a reflector is considered good or not.

You should wear reflective materials when the sun is down. It's important to wear at least one reflector around waist height. A band around the arm is a good example. Another example could be a reflective belt or a bag worn over the shoulder.

The reflective band fits perfectly over a jacket or trousers. The band is equally suitable for legs and arms.

For example, you can tie the band over the trousers, making it easy for motorists to spot. It works just as well around the arm. You might even attach the band to the jacket or trousers, and other places too. Reflective armbands suit both adults and youths, making you visible in the dark.

There are many different models to choose from. Reflective bands sold by the meter are one option. In this case, you'll need to sew it yourself.

However, it's important to choose high-quality materials. Reflective materials sold by the meter can be found in well-stocked fabric stores.

A black reflective band for dogs does not make the dog visible in the dark. It can be difficult to find reflectors for dogs. Often, these are in bright colors such as yellow and orange. It's important for both you and your dog to be visible.

A reflective collar for dogs works best, but a band tied in the collar is better than nothing. Invest in a reflective leash and a reflective coat.

You can also tie one of our bands to the leash or collar. The band can be tied in a bow. Reflectors are especially visible in traffic, reducing your risk of being hit.

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common questions

What reflexes should I have?

Reflectors with the greatest effect are reflectors worn at waist height, as it is at this height that the car's headlights are located. . This makes it easier for drivers to spot you in good time. However, a reflex is better than no reflexes at all!

What is a good reflex?

The reflector must have very good reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the greater the chance that motorists will see you in the long term. A really good reflector can light up at a distance of about 125 meters.

How do I best take care of my reflective clothing?

Follow the reflectors' washing instructions and replace reflectors when the reflectivity has decreased.