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Christmas gifts

Here you will find carefully selected products that combine style, function and safety for the perfect Christmas gift. Each item is designed with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism and practical utility, from the reflective details on the accessories that provide increased visibility during the dark winter months, to the comfortable and trendy designs that keep your loved ones both warm and fashion-conscious. This collection offers a mix of new products and established favorites that are guaranteed to be appreciated by every recipient.

common questions

What reflexes should I have?

Reflectors with the greatest effect are reflectors worn at waist height, as it is at this height that the car's headlights are located. . This makes it easier for drivers to spot you in good time. However, a reflex is better than no reflexes at all!

What is a good reflex?

The reflector must have very good reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the greater the chance that motorists will see you in the long term. A really good reflector can light up at a distance of about 125 meters.

How do I best take care of my reflective clothing?

Follow the reflectors' washing instructions and replace reflectors when the reflectivity has decreased.