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Reflective jackets

Reflexes are vital and especially during the colder and darker months of the year. However, many reflexes can look incredibly boring. Perhaps you don't want to put on an ugly reflective vest over your nice coat. In this category you will find stylish and trendy reflective jackets that look good, keep you warm and protect you from motorists or other road users after dark. Now you no longer have to choose between looking good and being seen. You can do both at the same time with the help of us at Herbertine and our women's reflective jacket!

Exercising is a wonderful activity that gives you energy, confidence and a boost of dopamine. Exercise is loved by people all over the world and most people actually exercise at least once a week. Whether it's walking, the gym or swimming. Walking and running are an incredibly popular form of exercise, especially up here in the Nordics. It's a great way to relax, get out of the house or have some time for yourself. It is also good exercise and it gives you an incredible amount of endurance and is so good for the body.

For those of you who train for running, or just enjoy walking, you have most likely had to deal with a lot of reflexes over the years. Already in autumn, darkness begins to creep closer and for a large part of the year it is dark for a long time, both in the morning and in the evening. Running or walking outdoors therefore requires smart reflexes. So that you can be seen and so that road users do not miss you. There are of course reflective vests, slap wraps and other options - but it feels a bit passé, if we're honest.

So what should you do to be seen in the best way during your walk or run? With a fully reflective jacket for women, you will be seen from all sides. Are you going to run in the forest and want to be seen in the dark? A reflective running jacket is all you need. A water-resistant jacket keeps you dry and is a good reflex for running.

The reflective jacket is your new best friend

For those of you who are tired of reflective vests or ugly slap wraps, we have good news. You no longer have to choose between the old, ancient reflexes. There is a better way to be seen. A way that makes you look good when you train and that really makes you visible... Namely a reflective jacket for both women and men.

We at Herbertine believe that you should never have to choose between style and safety. That's why we've created women's reflective clothing that both looks good and makes you visible. Our new reflective jacket is a perfect alternative to use both everyday and during training. The model is unisex, and it fits perfectly for everyone. It is wind and water resistant and made of a reflective fabric that really shines brightly. You'll never again have to worry about not being seen when you're out on your rounds. You can see well with a reflector. You can be seen better with more reflectors! Motorists can see you up to 125 meters away.

How does the reflective jacket work?

Our reflective jacket is one of our prides, and one of the garments that we think you will love the most. It's a windproof jacket that works well for everyone, as it comes in a unisex fit. This means that you can partly use it yourself, partly share it with your partner or your parents. Or why not buy matching ones for you and your best friend? That way you can both be seen properly when you are out on an evening walk together.

The reflective jacket is made of a so-called reflective fabric, which means that the fabric itself is a reflex. So when a car drives towards you, or when the jacket is reflected in some other light, the whole thing will light up - and you will be seen! It is incredibly important to be seen in the dark when exercising and a reflective jacket can really do the job for you. It is also incredibly stylish and works at least as well on the run as in the evening on the town.

Discover Herbertine and our reflective clothing

In addition to our stylish reflective jacket, we of course have lots of other reflective women's clothing in our collection. We've created smart reflectors that look good and really suit everyone, regardless of style. You no longer have to choose between a nice outfit or reflexes. Now you can have both at the same time. Check out the rest of our collection of stylish reflective clothing and find your new favourites. Do you want to read more about reflexes? You can find that on our page about reflective wear.

common questions

What reflexes should I have?

Reflectors with the greatest effect are reflectors worn at waist height, as it is at this height that the car's headlights are located. . This makes it easier for drivers to spot you in good time. However, a reflex is better than no reflexes at all!

What is a good reflex?

The reflector must have very good reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the greater the chance that motorists will see you in the long term. A really good reflector can light up at a distance of about 125 meters.

How do I best take care of my reflective clothing?

Follow the reflectors' washing instructions and replace reflectors when the reflectivity has decreased.