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Stylish reflectors for the fasionable

Herbertine was founded in 2019 in response to the challenge of many fashion conscious women - finding stylish and safe reflectors that are also stylish during the day. Reflectors themselves were not difficult to obtain, there are many reflectors in the form of reflective vests, clip on reflectors and reflective strap bands. Despite the existing supply, I had no reflections on me despite the knowledge that it is absolutely vital. I became more and more aware of others in similar everyday routines and realized that there was a need for reflectors designed for adults.


To increase the range of reflectors, I realized that I needed to take matters into my own hands. Inspired by the Scandinavian fashion, I started Herbertine to expand the range of reflectors for my fellow travelers in public transport. I started the journey by examining which materials reflect light best, but at the same time looks good in daylight - it should be a matter of course for all reflections!


Our mission is to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians.


Since its inception, Herbertine has expanded its range with a number of self-designed products. The new products are a result of the continuous product development and evaluation of the reflective material. By combining fashion with functionality, we ensure that you increase the chance of being visible in the traffic darkness.



Herbertine / Curiosare AB