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Stylish reflectors for adults in Swedish design

Snygga reflexer för vuxna |

Discreet and stylish reflectors visible in the dark - does it exist?

It can be difficult to find stylish warning clothing and accessories in reflective materials. Most reflective clothing for adults is sportswear. Some reflective clothing is intended for children and is usually in strong colors and designs. It is a myth that bright colors are visible in the darkness of traffic. Very small glass particles in the reflective material are the secret behind a strong reflex. This means that reflective wear and accessories do not have to be in neon at all. A black reflector does not have as much glass particles in the material, which results in the reflector not reflecting the light as well as, for example, one in a gray shade.


A material's ability to reflect light is measured in lumens. Lumen gives a value for how much of the light that hits the surface of the material is reflected. The higher value the more powerful the reflection is considered to be.

Visibility in the dark has more dependencies. The strength of the light that hits the surface of the reflector partly determines how much of the light is reflected. The angle and position of the light also play a role. Reflectors that are worn in a cover with the car's headlights have the greatest effect for being visible in the darkness of traffic.

Stylish reflectors - part of your everyday outfit

Scandinavian fashion stands for minimalist and timeless design. Fashion consists of classic models that last when trends come and go. A basic wardrobe consists of durable materials and a good fit. Trends vary in both shape and color and usually have a shorter lifespan than garments that are part of the base. Emilia and Ebba from Säker Stil write about exactly how you can build a sustainable basic wardrobe and pick up trends as a complement.

Our vision at Herbertine is that our products should be included in your basic wardrobe. Simply make sure to design durable stylish reflectors for your everyday life! Our product models are inspired by the basic garment's discreet design and timeless colors. For the more daring, we have a limited range of trendy and cheeky reflexes for adults.

Herbertine's mission is that reflectors should not be a choice between being visible in traffic or fashionable during the day. It has easily happened that reflectors are hidden away when the sun is out. Dusk occurs for a brief moment and it quickly becomes dark. With reflectors, your fellow road users can see you from up to 500 meters away. Without accessories or reflective clothing, motorists can see you from 25 meters away. It is the speed and the distance that determines whether the driver of the vehicle has a chance to brake before it is too late.

We are constantly working on the development and design of new products. We also work on extending the lifespan of our products. Reflectors have a limited durability as rain and debris eventually wear down the reflective surface of the material. The wear and tear can be minimized through product development, but unfortunately not completely eliminated. It is important to inventory and test your reflectors regularly and to replace them when the reflectivity decreases.

With us you will find a large selection of reflectors. Our products are both stylish and smart reflectors. Makes it easy to wear reflective clothing and reflective accessories in different colors.

Traffic safety for you and your surroundings

Use warning clothing or other reflective materials for your loved ones and fellow road users. In this way, we can together reduce the risk of traffic accidents in the dark. For more information on road safety, take part and read more in the Swedish Transport Agency's publication on road safety for pedestrians.

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