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Product news - Purple reflective tassel and Gray reflective tag

Produktnyheter - Lila reflextofs och Grå reflextag

Now the reflector season is in full swing and we have uploaded the webshop with new exciting products!

First up is a real customer favorite; the reflective tassel in winter's trendy color purple. Our reflective tassel Purple with black hook is one of our personal favorites, as the black metal hook can be matched to all types of shoulder strap bags or backpacks.

The purple color has been seen at the fashion shows in the fashion metropolises of Milan and Paris together with the classic color scheme of black, camel and creme. Purple works well as a color on the reflector and goes well with a dark backpack. Reflectors may seem like a boring investment, but oh so important!

We have also updated our Gray reflective tassel with a black hook. The reflective tassel is made of the same highly reflective material as our gray reflective tassels with a golden and silver hook. The tassel reflects the light from different types of light sources such as the car's headlights, the light on the bicycle handlebars and other types of light sources that illuminate in the dark.

Reflective tag Gray with black carabiner is also a completely new addition to the product range. The reflective tag is designed by our founder Johanna and is inspired by the Scandinavian and minimalist style. Our reflective tag can be used on all types of handbags as it illuminates well on a briefcase or gym bag. The product can also be used by being attached to zippers on jackets or the like.


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