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Trendy and stylish reflectors for adults

Trendiga och snygga reflexer för vuxna

When darkness falls, it's important to be seen in the dark, but how can you wear reflectors and keep your style at the same time? It is a question many Swedes grapple with during the autumn and winter months.   

Best is a stylish reflector that can also be worn during the day, then the reflectors will not be forgotten when the sun goes down. We have listed our best tips for trendy reflectors that really light up!

Reflective tassel

The reflective tassel is a discreet reflector that can easily be hung on the training bag or on the handbag. The tassel is attached by fastening the tassel in a metal hook. The metal hook sits at the top of the reflective tassel and makes it easy for the tassel to dangle when moving. When the reflective tassel is in motion, the probability of light being reflected on the reflective surface of the tassel increases.  Of course, there are more areas of use for the reflective accessory; the tassel can be hung on the pram or on the winter jacket.

Reflective tassels are available in many different colors, which makes it easier to match your stylish outfit. In our webshop we have several colors of both tassels and metal hooks in trendy combinations.

Style the reflective tassel correctly

As previously mentioned, the reflective tassel can be attached to most bags.

Reflective tape

Tape made of reflective material is a reflective accessory with many uses! The reflective tape can be tied to the handle of the bag, or why not tie a nice bow on the sleeve of the jacket? With this reflective band, you can add reflective material to your style and outfit and style the band the way you want.

When choosing a location for your reflective strip , it is important to think about the height at which you should place the reflector so that as much light as possible is reflected. If you are out and about in traffic, it is safest to place the reflector at the height of the car's headlights, that is, from the waist down. Then you can see better.


Reflective scrunchie

The reflective scrunchie is the most discreet reflector we can think of! Swap your hair bun for a reflective scrunchie and you'll automatically be wearing a reflex. Is there anything prettier than a nicely styled ponytail?

There are a lot of ways to style your hair. With the help of a reflective scrunchie, you can easily put your hair up in a low ponytail, a high ponytail, a knot or why not a braid?


Reflective shoelaces

The shoelace with reflective material is a small reflective detail with a big payoff! When you move your feet to walk or run, they are constantly in motion. The more movement a reflector is in, the more the chances of the reflectors reflecting light increase.


Black reflectors

Black reflectors are discreet during the day and unfortunately they are usually just as discreet in the dark. The black reflectors are not as reflective as lighter colors are. This is because the gray reflective ingredient in reflectors is a must for the reflector to light up in the dark. The ability of reflectors to reflect light depends partly on how high a CIL value a reflector has, or what value in Albedo the reflective surface has.

The ability of reflectors to reflect light is also dependent on the brightness that falls on the reflector and the angle at which the light hits the reflector.

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